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We operate a small scale, quiet, relaxed and laid back campsite. Our Goal is to ensure that ALL our visitors, have a great time! We don’t have many rules, but it is paramount for everyone to show respect to each other, their space and their enjoyment. We encourage quiet banter around the fire, but not at the expense of others, we specifically request that between 10pm and 7am that no music is played and noise is kept to a minimum.


We believe that a small campfire is a crucial part of the family camping experience. We have a few pitches with turf cut out that can be used but ask that most fires are kept off the ground so please bring a firepit or we hire firepits at a low cost. Sadly foraging for kindling or logs is no longer allowed for ecological reasons and obviously no branches should be cut from trees. You are welcome to bring your own wood or logs if you wish, but please clean logs only - no kitchen units, pallets or doors. Don't forget the marshmallows.

east sussex campsite campfire

We do sell generous bags of seasoned logs, which can be picked up from reception and if you’re feeling like Bear Grylls, why not ask to borrow our flint steel to light your fire (great fun with the kids).

We have three camping meadows so you should never get the feeling that people are on top of you with hammocks, swings and badminton all on site. We allow cars in the camping area to unload/load equipment (dependent on ground conditions) but would like to keep that wild camping experience so ask that cars are parked behind a fenced off area(only a few meters away). We will ask you to make your fire in an existing fire pit if there is one or use a metal fire pit. Like campfires, BBQs are part of the fun of being outdoors and are encouraged but please make sure they are raised sufficiently to prevent the grass from burning. There are a number of bricks available to use.

Little Brooks meadow is smaller (approx 2 acres) and more remote camping area which can be rented for sole usage for large groups of campers. If not booked out for sole usage, we offer this area for couples and small adult groups.
East Sussex Campsite

A wonderfully quiet location. This video was taken at 7.45am.


We manage Ouse Meadow Campsite sustainably and we cannot deal with large amounts of rubbish. We therefore ask that all rubish is taken away.

Recycling centres open (9am to 6pm) 7 days a week.

Maresfield (TN22 2HN); Lewes (BN7 3PS); Forest Row (RH18 5DW).

Please do not leave any rubbish behind.

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