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Terms and Conditions

We aim to provide a safe camping environment. However, you will appreciate that this is an open ground in the countryside with unfenced river frontage, steep banks and by its very nature, will have trip hazards and other risks.


NOTE: These Terms and Conditions will be developed and extended as circumstances dictate.

1. When camping at Ouse Meadow you accept that we cannot be held liable for any accident or injury sustained during your visit and accept no responsibility for loss or damage of your property. In making this booking you are accepting full responsibility for yourself, your booking party, your children and you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

2. Small campfires are permitted with use of firepits (no large bonfires please), but please be sensible as entirely at your own risk.

3. Under 18s must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. No large single sex goups permitted unless previously agreed in advance.


4. We encourage quiet banter around the fire, but not at the expense of others, we specifically request that between 10pm and 7am that no music is played and noise is kept to a minimum.

5. No fireworks OR Chinese lanterns are allowed to be let off (including sparklers) – we have livestock that can be easily frightened and young animals can chew or eat debris.

6. Please drive sensibly in and around the site. Children and animals running around!

7. Your pitch will be available from 1pm on the first day, and must please be vacated by 12 noon on your day of departure.

8. Well behaved dogs (barking throughout the night is not acceptable) are allowed but must be under control at all times. Any fouling must be cleaned up immediately.

9. If the field is wet, it does become muddy and thus you are likely to get struck if you do not have a 4x4. We recommend parking up just inside the gate entrance and walking equipment to camping area. No refunds given for

lack of vehicle access.

10. If for any reason i.e. site waterlogged (highly unlikely), we reserve the right to close the site. A full refund would be given.

11. Please stay within the perimeters of the campsite, being the field boundary and any fenced areas.

12. Foraging for kindling or logs is no longer allowed for ecological reasons. You are welcome to bring your own logs if you wish, but please use clean logs only - no kitchen units, pallets or doors etc.

13. We have a bin for dog waste and dirty nappies but all other rubbish must be taken home on departure (local refuse sites are within 4 miles of campsite). 

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